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Educational Software For Kids

Educational software for kids has become very popular today with parents choosing to invest in these relatively inexpensive educational tools to aid their child's development. Be it reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary or math, educational software makes learning fun and engaging for your child.

Here's a brief review of the most popular educational software for kids.

Educational Software for Toddlers

Reader Rabbit - Playtime for Baby &Toddler: Mat the Mouse is hiding inside a toy box and with his help, your baby will be guided into several educational experiences including music, shapes, singing, rhymes and stories.

Dr. Seuss Toddler: Hosted by the Cat in the Hat, the seven fun activities in this software will teach your kids mouse control, numbers, colours, shapes and letters.

Muppet Babies Toyland Train: Featuring the all time kid-favourite Muppet Babies, this software, with the help of Kermit the Frog, teaches your baby about animals, body parts, colours and much more!

Educational Software for Nursery School

Jump Start Kindergarten: With 16 engaging puzzles and games, this software helps your child learn over 20 skills including counting, time telling, word identification, pre-reading, sequencing and colours.

Dr. Seuss Kindergarten: Gerald McGrew is looking for some unique animals for his zoo and your child can help him through 250 adventurous learning activities that build skills such as like listening, memory, early reading and logic.

Smart Steps Kindergarten: An animated, funny Australian accented pencil guides your child through 100 different activities. Your child can explore a typical kindergarten classroom by moving the mouse while learning about directions, nature, numbers and words.

Educational Software for Preschool

Reader Rabbit Personalized Pre-School: Letter names and sounds, counting and numbers, reading and phonics, shapes, colours and spatial relationships are just some of the skill sets this software targets. The software also uses the A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology which adjusts itself to match your child's development. Kids love this one!

Jump Start Preschool: This software helps build over 30 skills including visual memory, differences, phonics, letters, deductive reasoning and listening, through 10 activities. Kids get to explore various play areas guided by beloved characters like Pierre the Bear and Casey Cat.

I Love Phonics: Interactive software that is all about letters, words, phonemes and reading basics. With seven levels of difficulty, 300 age-appropriate words, and 18 word lessons, this software is great for building a solid reading foundation for your kid.

Educational software is a necessity for the tech-savvy millennial children of today. Having a variety of these programmes will keep your child entertained; they also build crucial skills that'll come in handy as your little one takes those first steps towards formal schooling. However, never, ever assume that the software can substitute communication with parents! So, sit down with your child and explore the educational applications with her or him.


LeapFrog LeapPad, A Tablet For Kids

LeapFrog Enterprises based in California has designed a LeapPad learning tablet especially for kids. LeapPad is an excellent educational device for kids between the ages of four and eight and its a fun, interactive approach to learning. Read on for a review of the LeapFrog LeapPad.

What is the LeapFrog LeapPad?

The LeapFrog LeapPad is essentially a portable (10 in x 11 in), battery-operated talking book equipped with an interactive 'magic' pen similar to a computer mouse. The LeapFrog LeapPad is unique in that it transforms LeapFrog's paper books into an interactive learning experience for children. This amazing learning device equips your tot with crucial reading, vocabulary and phonics abilities and also teaches basic math, science and music skills.

The LeapPad also increases your child's attention span, builds fine motor skills, visual perception, analytical thinking and attention to detail. Learning tablets such as the LeapPad (and related educational apps like Proloque2Go) are helping even autistic kids and other children with special needs discover a whole new world of learning.

How does the LeapFrog LeapPad work?

First choose from over 50 books from the LeapPad Library depending on your child's age. Simply pop the book into the LeapPad player and insert the cartridge. Then, with the help of the magic pen, your child can sound out words and letters, learn to spell, understand the meaning of words, hear stories and sound effects, play games, have fun with colourful characters and perform guided activities. There is so much to do, learn and explore on every single page. Your child will stay engaged for hours. The tablet makes learning entertaining. Now that's something you can't claim with traditional books!

What features come with the LeapFrog LeapPad?

This learning tablet comes with dozens of novel features that will keep your child (and you!) engaged for hours. The LeapFrog LeapPad can read animated storybooks, pronounce words phonetically, helps identify words and letters and engages kids with numerous learning-oriented activities. The LeapFrog LeapPad shuts off automatically when not in use for some time; it also comes with volume control and headphones.

We also love the colourful, aesthetic design of this educational tablet and the fact that it is built to withstand a fair amount of rough handling. No wonder then, that the LeapFrog LeapPad has won scores of awards including Great American Toy Test (Educational Category, 1999) and T.O.T.Y. Toy of the Year Award (People's Choice Winner, 2000).

Giving your children a solid educational foundation is now made easy with the LeapFrog LeapPad.

Go ahead; let them experience the joy of learning.


A Lesson In Online Gaming For Mom and Dad Just In Time For The Holidays

Parents are wondering more then ever what are these terms my child is using? Well usually there getting these terms from the games you bought them that they play online with older and better people.

The days of playing board games are over at least until the power goes out. Kids do not want to play monopoly anymore; they want to play Gears of War and Halo 3 with all their friends online. That is what you will hear from them is, "Dad, I want an Xbox 360 for Christmas so I can play Halo3 online with other people so I don't have to bug you to play with me." That is sort of what you will hear at that time of the year.

If you have a computer and an internet connection you can start playing games today. Games like counterstrike and day of defeat and call of duty those are all games that you can play online with other people and have fun. You can actually talk to them and have conversations with people online where as playing by you gets boring and old fast.

The games that kids will play at school will be different then what they play at home. At school they will be playing simple flash games that they can download off the internet or just go to a site and start playing. Simple games like Bowman, simple Counterstrike and other games that will be allowed by the schools server is what they will play. Many kids nowadays know how to get around the schools server and do this everyday. I know when I was in school I got away with going around the servers easily all I did was go to Google and type in getting around proxy servers and so many websites popped up for gaming.

The last type of gaming that is taking over today's gaming is shooter games. These games are becoming more and more popular because of the violence and role that they are able to play in the game. You can shoot someone and see blood go everywhere and they think it's cool to play. Well I play Counterstrike and it's not that bloody and gory all it is, is you playing against the terrorists online. I mean it is the number 1 rated online action game of today. No other game can compare to Counterstrike except those made from the same company as it. You just go online and start playing right away and before you know it you're pretty good at it and then you become obsessed with it unlike many other people I am not obsessed with the game. People will sit there and play it for hours before they even flinch. That is obsessed and should be looked at by doctors as to why they cannot stop playing. People will play crazy hours like 50 or 60 hours a week I have even heard of people playing more than 100 hours a week.


Some Notes On Computers For Kids

Anyone who has not been in a young children's classroom for thirty years or probably even ten years might have a hard time guessing which age group the apparatus is meant for. Kids these days are much more aware of what adults would call the 'adult world', because kids grow up so fast now that they are invading the adult world.

There are still lots of adults who are wary of computers, but not a lot children are that frightened by them. Children love the Internet and are not worried of using computers to access it. Older individuals have a reverence for computers that children have never picked up.

They are not in awe of them - there is no mystique about computers for them. Computers are simply normal items to them. Kids may not understand how they work, but hey! that's a fact of most items as far as children are concerned.

This is perhaps something that parents ought to consider while preparing their children for school or even kindergarten - not that children need a great deal of encouragement to play on the Internet. Most parents have more trouble keeping them off it!

Anyway, the fact is that many contemporary kindergartens have computers for the kids to get on line. This does not mean that the children are being forced to go on line, it is just that there is a lot of educational material on line that teachers can use in these times of cut-backs on resources and kids and their parents expect to see a computer in the classroom as well.

It is worth talking to the school teacher and finding out what degree of computer knowledge is expected of kids going to that school. It will not be high, but it is worth being sure that they are up to that level, even if it is just so that they do not feel out of place in class.

The access that these school computers have to the Internet will be fairly restricted, so there is no need to worry that the kids will be seeing inappropriate material and you should set up an 'account' or 'user profile' on your home computer that is similar to the one in school.

This is done by the use of programs known as 'net nannies'. You can also use the net nanny built into Windows and you can block individual web sites too. Enquire of what system is in use at school and how it is configured. Copy that onto your home computer but only configure your children's account(s) with it.

This means that everyone in the household will have to log in at home: The kids will log in to an account with restricted access and the adults will log into an account or accounts with unlimited access. This is not hard to set up.

This is not a fail-safe method of preventing older children from accessing unsuitable web sites, but it is all you will need for keeping young children safe, although parents should always show an interest in what their children are doing on line and they should change their passwords frequently.


Screen Shots From Halo 3

When a video game series is as widely famous as the Halo series, which includes Halo 3, of course, then it's bound to result in there being many screenshots takes. This piece concentrates on some of the weird and wild Halo 3 screenshots.

Before mentioning the Halo 3 screenshots specifically, let's take a look at the figures that generate all of this media. Over 9 million copies of Halo 3 have been sold to date. That means that if every person who purchased the game plays for only 10 hours, there are more than 90 million hours of game time from which to choose screen shots. A lot can happen in 90 million hours, and with all the picture-uploading websites online, a lot of it has been documented.

One of the things in Halo 3 that has often been documented in Halo 3 screenshots is what Master Chief looks like or more specifically, what his face looks like. If you use a search engine to look up the top 10 Halo 3 screenshots, you'll find a screenshot of Master Chief lying dead on the ground, clearly not showing a face inside his helmet. This explains why we never see his face, say many players, because he does not really have one.

Another of the Halo 3 screenshots featuring in the top 10 Halo 3 screenshots is that of a Marine getting hammered on a floodgate. Someone commented that it looks a little bit like Han Solo when he was frozen in Carbonite. And guess what? - they're absolutely right.

The designers of Halo 3 decided to make it much simpler for players to grab Halo 3 screenshots and to share them on the Internet. In order to achieve this, they created a 'Saved Films' feature in the video game. This feature permits players to slow down the action, or even to freeze it, change the camera position and even move the camera around to get exactly the screenshot they would like to see. Generally speaking, the 'Save Films' feature records all the action that takes place in the game, so it can later be turned into videos are screenshots.

Yet another feature that has a lot to do with Halo 3 screenshots in the 'Save Films' feature, is the viewing of previously saved films. You see, the saves are not just pictures or film, they are actual game data. This means two things: A] the file size is very small and B] the whole game can be replayed from different viewpoints on the Xbox 360.

That means that a person could watch a game again and again, finding new things in new places every time they look at it. That's a great deal better than plain Halo 3 screenshots.


How To Add An External Hard Drive To A Playstation 3 Or Xbox 360

Add More Storage to Your Gaming Console With an External Hard Drive

If you have a gaming console that came with a small hard drive or no hard drive at all, then adding an external hard drive is a reasonably quick and simple solution. Sure, you can replace the original hard drives that came in the system with a larger one, but those laptop hard drives can get quite expensive, especially in the larger capacities. An external hard drive will let you add more storage at a much lower price while at the same time allowing you to control the content yourself. On a system like an Xbox 360, you cannot add content to the built in hard drive unless it is downloaded from Xbox Live or ripped from a CD. With an external hard drive, you have full control of your content, and can easily upload or download new content without much trouble.

Choosing Your External Hard Drive

Naturally, you will need a hard drive and an enclosure. Almost any USB external hard drive will work for your purposes. The main difference is if you are looking for portability vs. storage size. If you have some laptop hard drives lying around, then buy a 2.5" laptop hard drive enclosure. The advantages of using a smaller laptop hard drive are that it will be much smaller and much more portable, and will most likely not require a power supply. However, laptop hard drives usually pale in capacity compared to regular 3.5" hard drives of the same price. A 3.5" external hard drive will store much more content but will probably require an extra power port. If your gaming console is usually located in one location and not likely to move around, a 3.5" external hard drive might be the best solution. Check out http://www.iomagic.com/Products/show_all_results.asp?ProdID=I1000HD35 to learn more about external hard drive benefits.

Formatting Your Hard Drive

Gaming consoles need an external hard drive that is formatted in the FAT32 file system. You can use virtually any hard drive currently sold on the market, as FAT32 can support hard drives up to 2 Terabytes in size. However, the limitation of FAT32 is that it cannot hold individual files larger then 4GB in size. Also, Windows 2000 and XP cannot create or format partitions larger than 32GB. Windows 98 users can only create and partition hard drives up to 127GB in size. So, in order to create a FAT32 partition and format it above the 32GB or 127GB limitations, you will need a utility like Partition Magic or some other drive/partition utility. I highly recommend CompuApps Swissknife, which can be downloaded for free at download.com for PC users. Mac OSX users can simply open /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.app, choose the desired drive, and click on the Erase. Choose 'MS-DOS (FAT)' and then click on the 'Erase' button. You should now have a hard drive formatted in FAT32.

Once your drive is done formatting in FAT32, it's simply a matter of uploading content to your new drive and connecting it to your gaming console. Simply connect your USB cable to an available USB port on the front of your Playstation 3, or the back of your Xbox 360. Your game console should recognize your new device automatically, and allow you to browse your new files on the external hard drive. Visit http://www.iomagic.com/Products/show_all_results.asp?ProdID=I250HD35 to learn more about an external hard drive that may best suit your gaming needs.


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